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Active Adult Builder Goes Above and Beyond

Jim Chapman CommunitiesJim Chapman Communities, an active adult home builder in Atlanta, goes above and beyond for its buyers. One way the builder does just that is by providing one year home warranties.

To do so, Jim Chapman Communities partners with the best in the warranty business, NewHome. Buyers will get the piece of mind knowing there home is covered during the beginning stage of new home ownership.

NewHome offers:

•    One call convenience. NewHome’s staff is never more than a phone call away. The company is ready to respond by dispatching contractors, performing walkthroughs or inspections or simply answering questions.
•    24-hour emergency service. If there is a home emergency, NewHome helps determine the source of the problem and dispatches the appropriate contractor.
•    Professional staff. NewHomes’s staff has been trained to perform at a level of professionalism unique to the building industry. This will be evident in the quality of work that its administrators and walk-through and orientation experts do.
•    Communication. NewHome communicates with Jim Chapman Communities and other trade partners involved in the home’s construction on a regular basis. Its staff is ready to accommodate all of the communication needs regarding the management of the warranty.
•    Walkthrough and new home orientation experts. NewHome will perform a new home orientation with homeowners to explain all of the functions and operations of many of the components of the home.

For more details on NewHome or additional ways Jim Chapman Communities goes above and beyond, visit

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    Thursday May 23, 2019

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