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Cobblestone Health Facility Celebrates 5 Years

Park Springs, a continuing care retirement community in Stone Mountain, is a wonderful place to call home. They offer many times of homes from single-family, to condo, to continuing care in their Cobblestone medical facility.

Cobblestone, Park Spring’s health facility, is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year which will be marked with the completion of facility renovation and expansion. When complete, an additional 18 private rooms will be added. In addition, a memory care dining area with prep kitchen, a wandering control system to enhance resident safety and upgrades to rooms, common areas and offices.

Some rooms are changing configuration to better serve the residents. Eight assisted living suites will become 14 memory suites and 12 current memory suites will transform into 18 skilled-nursing rooms.

These changes will allow Cobblestone to begin accepting residents that are not current Members.

Why Cobblestone? The facility has an unparalleled level of care. A full-time geriatrician and licensed nurse practitioner are on site. Park Springs is the only continuing care retirement community in Georgia that offers such a staff. Additionally, the community doctor and clinic and skilled care staff are all Medicare certified. Park Springs also employs home care staff that undergo a thorough screening process.

Cobblestone is a wonderful attribute in the Park Springs community, and makes Park Springs one of the best places in metro Atlanta to retire.

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    Tuesday April 23, 2019

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