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JCC Launches “Welcome Home – Sellers Advantage Program”

Exterior of Home Located in Active Adult CommunityIs the fear of not selling your current home keeping you from moving into the home of your dreams? Well thanks to John Chapman Communities and ERA Sunrise Realty you can push those fears away. Their new “Welcome Home – Sellers Advantage Program” allows active adults to purchase a luxurious JCC home without the stress of selling their existing home. Through the program, JCC will assist sellers with everything from repairs to putting it on the market to eventually closing the sale.

No matter how well a house is maintained, there are always some repairs that need to be done in order to get the house ready for its next owner. Repairs can be expensive and lengthy, but John Chapman Communities works to decrease the money and time spent on repairs through “The Good Son” program. This program allows prospective residents to use JCC’s manpower and resources to fix up their homes and get them ready to put on the market. JCC’s project managers oversee the work, and sellers receive repair consultations from the industry’s leading subcontractors. All repairs are of the highest quality and completed by the industry’s leading subcontractors, all at a discounted price. An additional incentive for participating in this program is the “Any Way You Want It” Bonus Dollars. Buyers are able to use these Bonus Dollars to get free HOA dues, add upgrades to their new home, offset the difference between the ERA guaranteed purchase price and the final selling price of their existing home, and so much more. Buyer’s choice!

Jim Chapman Communities builds luxurious active adult communities in the most sought-after communities in metro-Atlanta. Their attention to detail has made them a leader in the Atlanta real estate market.

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    Monday May 27, 2019

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