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Park Springs Raises Money for Employees

Park Springs, a continuing care retirement community in Stone Mountain, Georgia, has a strict no tip clause on campus. While the policy saves Members the hassle and stress often associated with tipping, the fund also makes it hard to show appreciation for all of the Park Springs staff’s hard work.

In 2005 the Members developed an Employee Appreciation Fund and have never looked back. Monetary donations are only distributed to hourly employees and payments depend on the longevity of the employee’s tenure and salary. Last year, the average payout was $685.81. The maximum payout was $1,260. Members distribute the money each year shortly before Thanksgiving at an Employee Appreciation luncheon.

In April, Park Springs Members held a Community Garage Sale to raise money for the fund. The event was a rousing success with both Members and Employees coming out to purchase furniture, artwork, jewelry, computers, televisions and electronics. Members were able to raise close to $5,000.

The community garage sale is just one of the many events Park Springs Members have each year to raise money for the fund. Last year the community donated nearly $203,000 to employees.

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    Thursday June 20, 2019

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