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Soleil Laurel Canyon Offers EarthCraft Certified Homes

Soleil Laurel Canyon values the fact that active adult home buyers are interested in energy-efficient, eco-friendly and healthy living. Now, those buyers will be able to purchase an EarthCraft-certified home in the Canton master-planned community.

“We noticed more and more home buyers selecting upgraded insulation and other features to reduce energy costs,” said Evan Cramer, development manager of Active Lifestyle Communities. “Offering EarthCraft-certified homes emphasizes our commitment to give home buyers exactly what they are looking for: quality construction, smart design, energy-efficiency and increased indoor air quality for a healthier home.”

The first EarthCraft home is currently under construction. All home designs can be upgraded to be EarthCraft certified, allowing home buyers to select the ideal plan for their lifestyles while insuring they are energy efficient.

EarthCraft certified homes provide a number of benefits, including lower utility costs, enhanced indoor air quality, increased comfort and reduced home maintenance. On average, EarthCraft certified homes sell for a higher price than the average home at the same list price and sell more quickly than conventionally built homes. EarthCraft was established in 1999 by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface. For more information on EarthCraft, visit

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    Tuesday May 21, 2019

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