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Windsong PropertiesThe housing market has been a messy thing over the past few years, but Windsong Properties has managed to pull through the stalled home building market and even managed to grow, despite the economy’s sluggish recovery.

Windsong Properties is an Atlanta new home builder who specializes in building gorgeous active adult communities. Recently the US housing construction rate has begun to gradually increase, which is excellent news the economy and for builders like Windsong.

Another factor to consider is the growing rate of baby-boomers now reaching retirement age. This surge has increased the demand for active adult communities as well, which is something Windsong Properties has years of expertise in.

Over the past few years this demand for age-restricted housing has allowed Windsong to continue building while other new home builders have been unable to. Two communities have come out of this new construction, which include Garden Street in Woodstock and Bel-Aire in West Cobb.

“As the economy recovers, the areas grow in popularity and offer residents more and more amazing activities and events. Homebuyers are starting to realize what Woodstock and West Cobb are becoming and want to be a part of the action.” stated Carrie Roeger, marketing manager at Windsong Properties.

Roeger also stated that Windsong actually needed to hire new employees due to the dramatic interest in these two new communities, an almost unheard of notion to some builders even with the market on the rise.

Windsong believes that its market will continue to steadily rise with new housing construction increasing, and predicts an all-time high in the overall housing market in 2013.

For more details on Windsong and their incredible active adult communities, please visit

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    Thursday June 20, 2019

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