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Support Our Troops with The Orchards Group

Roswell active adult community giving backThe opportunities are endless with The Orchards Group! The Orchards at Crabapple, an active adult community in Roswell, recently provided its residents the chance to rally together to give back to their community and the nation.

In just three short weeks, homeowners collected over 23 cartons worth of supplies for the troops. These supplies were delivered to the Alpharetta American Legion post 201 before being shipped overseas.

“Our community, the first development built by The Orchards Group back in 1998, is filled with generous and patriotic residents. It was amazing what we collected; we even had to fill the back of one neighbor’s truck to deliver everything!” said Tom Siracusa, homeowner and organizer of the efforts.

This is not the first time that The Orchards at Crabapple has united to collect items. Our efforts were so successful back in 2009, that we decided to do it again this year.

“It is great to know that groups in the states still recognize the sacrifices of the troops and continue to support them,” said Adam L. Mortensen, lieutenant colonel for the U.S. Air Forces and Program H Mission Commander.

Simplify your life with The Orchards Groups’ beautiful active adult communities! Be sure to check out The Orchards of East Cherokee in Woodstock and The Orchards of Brannon Oak Farm in Cumming. Both offer low-maintenance lifestyles with plenty of amenities, community service opportunities and activities.

For more information, visit or call 678-513-8879.

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    Thursday May 23, 2019

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