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Meet Lois Farmer

“At each step in the design and building of my home, the Boone Homes team made it clear to me that what was being built would be my home,” Lois says, “one that’s customized to my new lifestyle.”

A life well-lived is a life fully lived, on your own terms, with as few concessions as possible.

That philosophy has served Lois Farmer well at every stage of her life. And it’s a philosophy that stood her in good stead following her husband’s death, as she moved from the farm where she lived for decades to a new home in Roanoke’s Coach Homes Of Southwood community.

This was hardly her first new home – she and her husband had built two. But this was the first time she’d approached homebuilding and design without her husband’s support. Add to that some special needs and requirements imposed by her health, and it would have been all too easy for Lois Farmer to abandon her independence.

But that’s not Lois Farmer’s style, and never has been – she was determined that her new home be a step forward, not a retreat. (Continued…)

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