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Windsong Properties Partners with Active Adult Buyers

The Andersons at Windsong ManorIn the midst of constructing a new home, it becomes painfully apparent to many buyers and builders how quickly things can go sour. For buyers who want to be involved in the construction of their home but find themselves ignored by their builder, a to-be-built home can turn out to be a nightmare.

Windsong Properties recognizes and respects the trust their customers offer when it starts to build a home and works all the way through construction to foster two-way communication between buyer and builder.

“From the first interaction with the sales agent to communication with the builder, we have been most impressed with the Windsong team who always made us feel that we were a partner in the process,” says Mike Anderson, a four-time homebuyer and the proud owner of a new Windsong home.

Mike and his wife Melinda were living in Jasper when four grandchildren entered their family and the Andersons decided to reorder their priorities.

“Life changes when those little ones come along, and we wanted to be closer to them,” says Mike.

Faced with moving from their dream ranch home, the Andersons knew they wanted to choose their next home carefully and make it special. By partnering with Windsong Properties, the Andersons have been able to focus their move on family and bypass hassles and headaches from building.

Now established in a beautiful new home at Windsong Manor in Dallas, Georgia, the Andersons are free to plan adventures with their children and grandchildren to nearby Seven Hills Park featuring a pool, water park, playground, tennis and pickleball courts and miles of walking trails and sidewalks.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t tell Melinda I love our new home,” says Mike. “We have the Windsong team to thank for that, and I am delighted to say we finally live ‘Where Life’s A Breeze!’”

To learn more about Windsong Manor, contact Gay-Lynn Turner at 770-917-8082, or visit

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    Wednesday June 19, 2019

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