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Windsong Properties Teams with ENERGY STAR® in 2011

Active adult buyers searching for quality housing that is also energy efficient will be pleased to know that Windsong Properties has been named an ENERGY STAR® partner once again for 2011. This partnership represents the active adult courtyard homebuilder’s dedication to providing smart housing that saves homeowners money.

Since 2007, Windsong has been building ENERGY STAR®-qualified homes at its Somerset community located in the equestrian district of Woodstock. To date, there are 50 of these properties in the Cherokee County community.

Each ENERGY STAR®-qualified home provides residents with features like Silver Line windows with low-emission glass; high-efficiency Lennox HVAC home comfort systems; and LP® TechShield®radiant barrier roof sheathing. Residents also enjoy other benefits like:

  • Low maintenance: By using tighter construction and more efficient equipment, owners experience fewer maintenance problems when compared to other homes.
  • Comfortable living: ENERGY STAR®-qualified homes provide better protection from weather, noise and pollution. This leads to more consistent temperatures, higher air quality and better durability.
  • Cheaper utility bills: Homeowners save an average of $200 to $400 per year thanks to reduced resource usage.

Residents at Somerset can enjoy energy-efficient living and fantastic amenities amenities. With spring in bloom and warm weather just around the corner, the community’s clubhouse and garden retreat provide great opportunities for socializing with friends and neighbors.

For more information about Somerset and ENERGY STAR®, visit the Windsong Properties website.

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